We develop custom plugins and add-ons which perform as integral and inherent  components of Sisense, all to optimise and enhance your end-user experience. Our plugins are differentiated according to their function and complexity:
1. Visualisation - new beautified visualisations available out-of-the-box
2. Functionality - optimised for user experience
3. UI - enhanced user interface, from added features to augmented design 

QBeeQ Sisense Plugins

Beautify your Sisense dashboards with one click

card view.png

Advanced GeoSpatial mapping with multiple layers for large data sets


Navigate quickly and easily between 

various dashboards, while keeping the filter scope

Display multiple KPIs on an interactive heat map enabling one to drill down from from within the heat map tool tip


Break down a binary dimension in a 

double negative stacked bar chart

image stacked bar.png

Share or change ownership of entire 

dashboard folders, instead of republishing one by one


Show dependencies flows between correlated parameters

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us to see how we can assist in creating your required customization! 

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