QBeeQ is your BI partner. Period. We will walk the walk with you, as your success is our success. We will consult, implement, manage, maintain, support and provide training for all of your BI needs. 

Understanding your business's needs from an external birds-eye point of view to ensure optimal adoption of your BI tool and ultimately bettering your business decision-making and performance.

BI Consultancy

We understand BI is not just data, software and charts. Partner up with us to see your business evolve to a BI state of mind. This partnership is based upon a platform of BI consulting services to enable a wider view of an organization, its operations and most importantly, its clients.


BI Implementation

No single BI tool or project is simply plug and play. It takes experience and know how to properly manage and implement a successful BI project. Your Success is our Success. Period. We are passionate about data and revealing the story behind it. We are even more passionate about seeing it being applied.


Support & Training

As part of our partnership, we will provide on going maintenance, support and training to make sure your whole business is on board. We'll empower your team to reach BI development goals, while further supporting your ever growing BI needs. 


On Boarding & Engagement

BI does not stop once a product is delivered, it may take time to engage users to adopt and properly use a tool in order to make better data driven decisions. We will work with your team and clients to get them as up to speed as possible with the product,  teach and train how to use the product to reach quick and informative insights and to ensure optimal adoption and usage. 


Project Management

You don't need a DBA, data scientist or PM, we got you! With years of combined experience in successful BI implementations, we'll take you from A to Z, or A to BI!


Professional Services

Complete BI project implementation, delivery and adoption training from A to Z. We will deliver the tools you need to optimize your business operations. We provide a wide range of custom development components and processes from basic add-ons or plugins to advanced ETL operations.


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